Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fantastic Nikki's house

We went to Nikki’s house on Aug 11. It had many interesting games, two pretty cats and a very large yard where we can play basketball. We are welcomed with delicious hamburger and lemonade. Especially, the most interesting thing for me was playing the game called Wii. On the game, we can play bowling, boxing and tennis. I enjoyed the first experience of Wii. It reflects all of our motions, so I was surprised of this ability of operation. I’m proud of Japanese game products which are popular around the world. One of my friends, Nozomu can not only play any sports well in the real world, but also can not play those sports on the game. Finally, he stained a muscle in his right arm because of his very fast and wasteful actions unfortunately.


masahiro said...

Hey, Senpai. It was really funny day wasn't it?

WE ARE TEAM "D"!!!!!! lol

Nikki said...

I'm glad you enjoyed playing Wii so much. Which was your favorite game? I really like to bowl and box, but boxing makes me very tired.

Mike said...

I think Nozomu will find something he is really good at and then will beat all of us at it. He said he doesn't play games much, so I think he must be studying hard.

Oh, I found this picture the other day. http://www.sophos.com/pressoffice/news/articles/2007/02/fujacks-fix.html

Nina Liakos said...

I thought you Japanese would be experts at Wii, since it's made in Japan--and you looked pretty experienced to me! It looked like fun, and good exercise too. Too bad Nozomu strained a muscle--but I enjoyed watching him jump!

Hiromi said...

Hello, Masanori!
Playing Wii sounds really exciting, and I think you were lucky! :)

Heather said...


One of my favorite parts of the evening at Nikki's was watching you play Wii!! I couldn't believe that it was only your first time playing. I hope you are able to get a Wii when you graduate and start your new job!!

Mike said...

It was fun playing Wii with you guys. I think it's good that Nozomu is not great at video games, it must mean he studies a lot.