Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Fifth Day

I met three female students who are studying Japanese at the University of Maryland on Aug 4. Surprisingly, they could speak Japanese very well and were so familiar with Japanese TV dramas and music. For example, one of them really loves musicians belonging to Avex, Ayumi Hamasaki and Kumi Koda, so she has been studying business in order to work at avex as an attendant of musician. And another loves Japanese pop idol groups like SMAP. I really enjoyed the three-hour conversation. We exchanged e-mail addresses, so I am going to send an email as soon as I can after returning to Japan. And after that, we went to the Kennedy Center for a free jazz concert. It was such a good performance and a female singer was so energetic that it froze us for a short time. And finally, we went to a sushi restaurant which served delicious sushi . What a shame that I couldn’t take pictures there because of lack of battery of my camera.


Emily said...

Hi! I'm Emily. I want to talk about SLAM DUNK with you!!

Mike said...

Hey Masanori, if you need more batteries I have a lot of the AA size. I'm not sure if they will work for Japanese cameras though.

I'm glad you enjoyed the Jazz, I thought it was nice too.

Nikki said...

I'm sorry your batteries ran out. I know a lot of people took pictures so hopefully you can share them.

Nina Liakos said...

What a pleasant experience it must have been to meet and talk with American students who are learning Japanese! I dont' think you should wait until you get back to Japan to email them; why not see them again while you are here, if possible? (More English practice for you!)

So you were transfixed by the jazz singer--that's great! I am sorry I missed it.

I hope you will remember to bring extra batteries for your camera next time. But couldn't you have asked someone else to take a picture with their camera and send it to you later? Every photo here will be a precious memory when you return to Japan--of your first (I hope not last) trip to America.

Ai said...

Hi, Masanori!

You succeeded to upload your face picture! Great^^!!

Anyway, you enjoyed to talk with students of Maryland who study Japanese^^


Joseph / Nosson said...

I forgot my camera that day so it was a shame too...

Joe (Kohai) P.

Hiromi said...

Hi, Masanori~!
Wow, I think that I would enjoy talking with the lady who liked SMAP because I also like the Japanese pop idol like them! ^^ Anyway, meeting the people who study and speak Japanese in other countries is really interesting, right?

Also, going out for the jazz concert sounds really nice!